Rock Song “Mud Bunny” Released by Whoa Tunes

Do What You Love, Write What You Know

Connecticut, USA – Singer-songwriter Kristina Powell is pumped for the release of her first hard-hitting rock tune, “Mud Bunny”.

A big fan of off-road ATVing, Kristina decided to write about her passion.

The song “Mud Bunny” is neither deep nor dreary…instead it’s catchy, fun and an easy sing-along meant to put the listener in a kick-butt mood!

It takes a look at the challenges of pushing yourself, and the highs we all get from having fun outdoors.


Indie Song “You’re a Drug” Released by Whoa Tunes

Connecticut, USA – Kristina Powell, creator of Whoa Tunes, is tickled to offer up her first mind-meddling melody, “You’re a Drug”.

What’s interesting about Kristina is that her first few decades were spent in the health and fitness industry, not music.

She jokes that getting a thump on the noggin in martial arts, or while ATVing, turned on her lyrical mind.

The song “You’re a Drug” is a provocative reflection on the pain of love and loss.

Our singer describes the ebb and whirl of losing a lover, and suspects hormonal catalysts.

The artists examine the often painful chemistry of love and loss. We’re all deeply challenged when unplugging from love’s high…and rue the dark firing of feelings.

“Am I just high or is it love…That’s telling me I can’t live…Without your mind-blowing kiss…?”

“You’re a Drug” is wrought with an ache that’s perfect for a break-up…or break-though…kind of mood. It’s feeling is analytically haunting and elusive.


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