Kristina’s poetical ha ha’s

The Last Nut

Don’t be shy
Let’s chew the fat awhile

I know you’re in there
Come out

So you realize you’ll be
Chewed to bits

Then dumped in acid

It’s okay

Come out

Come out

Come outta that bag

Shooting stars across my mirror
A minefield of chicken bits
Courtesy of a waxed or minted strand
Dental floss…unappreciated artist’s brush

Magic number fifty-two
The year my libido went into hiding
Come out come out

Uh oh

I feel existentialism setting in

Oh well

I’d rather lose control of my bladder
than my blabber

Where did my filter go?

Chasing it down the street
before it runs over
someone’s sensibilities

Early to Rise

Mayhem A.M.
Half-past insanity
Cuckoo o’clock
Quarter to madness
O-dark ridiculous

How many ways
are there to say
I hate getting up early